Modern Cloud Consultants

Logari is a team of architects and engineers specialized in AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure and migrations.

Whether you aim for a cloud-native or hybrid infrastructure we have the skills to build a solution for your needs.

Multi-cloud consultants

Let us be your experts

Our team has years of experience in countless environments.
We use that experience to provide a solution that fits your needs.

Logari Cloud Consulting

Infrastructure within your budget

Our goal is to deliver bespoke, cost-effective infrastructure that fits your needs.

Reduce your CapEx spend

Deploy servers that meet your needs, while keeping costs down. Receive up-front estimates for now and the future.

Infrastructure that grows with your business

As your business grows we can easily help you scale your infrastructure, with minimal downtime.

Focus on what matters

Our mission is to remove the burden of managing infrastructure. Keep your team focused on what they do best.

Logari Cloud Consulting

Multi-cloud ready

Our team is certified across multiple cloud vendors, ensuring that your infrastructure is agile and easily movable if your needs change.

Well architected from the start

Our team fully believes in the well-architected frameworks provided by major cloud vendors. We see them as the de facto path to success for your business.

Infrastructure as code

IaC is at the core of our practice. This ensures that your business infrastructure is process-driven and easily scalable.

Migration ready

Our expertise is not limited to cloud infrastructure. Our engineers have extensive experience in on-premise appliances and applications, which aid you in any migration scenario.

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